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Piramit Mimarlik was created in 1990 as an architecture and decoration company.  Until today it has its name on many projects, studies, preliminary studies, and designations which are completed to its smallest detail

Scope of Business
•Architecture projects and assistances
•Interior decoration projects and taking the role of a constructor for your safety
•Production of timbered furnitures
•Sales of oldstones and its designation

Our Mission
•To maintain the discipline of architecture on the highest level
•To provide perfectness in details
•To be particular about the cost,
•To work with a quality squad and never to compensate about truthness

As Piramit Mimarlik our aim is to find the rightest and most suitable solution. As technology and communication grows larger everyday, we are at your service contemprarily, dinamically, estetically, fast and reliably

From 1991 to this day; Architectural Project, Decoration Projects, Application and Consultancy

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